Cuba Caracolito Peaberry 500gr

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Cuba Caracolito Peaberry – This unique coffee, which we roast in limited quantities, has a very clean and balanced flavour with hints of roasted nuts.

Country of origin: Cuba
Region: Guantánamo
Type: Typica, Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra
Arabic: 100%
Processing: Washed

Coffee arrived in Cuba in 1748, and by 1827 the island had about two thousand coffee mills and coffee became the main export product, generating even more revenue than sugar!
Cuba’s climate and geographical location are perfect for coffee growing. Interestingly, even though this coffee grows at an altitude of only 450 to 950 metres above sea level, being quite far from the equator, it has a fantastic taste and quality. To achieve the same quality, growing in countries closer to the equator, coffee must be grown at a much higher altitude.

PS! This is a limited quantity

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