Did you know that CoffeeCup coffees are made daily at our coffee factory in Loo, near to Tallinn?

With years of experience, we know exactly which coffee flavours local coffee lovers love, so our range is designed with that in mind.

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The luxurious pleasure of professional technology

The main things we consider essential for a truly delicious coffee are carefully selected flavours, the origin of the coffee, fresh raw materials and the right roasting, roasting methods and other stages of coffee processing.
We are committed to providing unique products, created specifically for the Estonian palate.

Coffee that makes the world a better place

We buy a lot of our coffee directly from farmers or coffee-growing organisations in the countries of origin, because this gives farmers a fair and higher price, which helps to contribute to local life and to the development and improvement of the coffee they grow.

CoffeeCup basic products

The basic products are divided into three categories: affordable, medium and premium.

You can make your choice of basic products on the basis of the colour on the packaging:
●Yellow background includes affordable coffee choices
●Greenish-turquoise background includes a selection of mid-range coffees
●Fuchsia-pink background includes premium class coffee choices

In addition, for the more advanced coffee connoisseur, there is a very wide choice of speciality coffees in the form of country of origin or organic coffees.

Lots of choice, outstanding design

Pouch coffees are also premium coffees, but are country of origin and/or farm-based, or organic. This information can be found on the front or back of the coffee packet.


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