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CoffeeCup OÜ has been a reliable and reliable partner for coffees and machines since 2006. Today, we roast our own coffees, deliver them freshly roasted to the customer and ensure working equipment solutions – the best coffee drink in the cup! All over Estonia.

CoffeeCup Peru Negrisa
Decaffeinated coffee!

Peru Negrisa
fruity, nutty notes in the taste. We have roasted the coffee so that the acidity is low and the flavour is smooth.

Decaffeination using the CO2 method, the cleanest, highest quality and most environmentally friendly way to remove caffeine from coffee.

Country of Origin: Peru
Region: Chanchamayo, Villa Rica, Pichanaki, Satipo
Type: typica
Arabic: 100%
Processing: Hand-harvested, washed, sun-dried.

Negrisa Coffee Farm is a family business dedicated to coffee processing. Quality control and exports. They have more than 15 years of experience in bringing the taste and quality of Peruvian coffee to markets around the world.

Family business, dedication and passion for hard work and the desire to grow are some of the principles that guide the day-to-day operations of this family business.

Every pack of Negrisa coffee supports this family coffee farm!

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from 2006
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CoffeeCup is the place where it is worth coming first, because here coffee lovers can find everything they need, starting with a suitable coffee machine solution, coffee beans chosen according to their taste, and everything else necessary for the coffee machine to offer high-quality coffee enjoyment day after day.

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Place an order at and we will send your favourite coffee to the nearest parcel machine for free (min.1KG)!
  • Uniqueness Our main strength is certainly unique coffee. We work on new flavors and recipes every day to surprise again and again with versatile options. We are committed to offering unique products created specifically for Estonian tastes.
  • Wide range of products More than 30 different varieties of coffee can be found in the CoffeeCup product range.
    Even the most demanding coffee lover will find the right one in our assortment!
  • High quality We are an Estonian company that makes sure that high-quality coffee solutions are available to every small, medium or large company, cafes-restaurants and home offices.
  • Coffee solutions At CoffeeCup, coffee lovers can find everything they need, starting with a suitable coffee machine solution, coffee beans selected according to their taste, and everything else.
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Coffee and the world of coffee is a never-ending voyage of discovery, where we improve our skills and knowledge on a daily basis, so that even the most demanding palate can find just the right coffee in our selection.


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