CoffeeCup coffee tasting

Coffee tasting or cupping, the goal of which is to find the coffee that best suits your taste buds, either in the office, in a coffee shop, or even in your home office.

The taste of coffee is influenced by many different factors: where the coffee is grown, what type of coffee is grown, how the fruits are removed from the beans, how the coffee is mixed and roasted. And these are just a few factors.

CoffeeCup’s green coffee beans come from several different coffee countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and more.
Each coffee has different nuances of taste and aroma, which are influenced by its origin, variety, climate and processing methods.

There is a form to help rate the coffees you tasted, where you can write down what you liked or didn’t like about the coffees you tasted.

We offer up to 8 different coffees to taste.

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