Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, al.85g

26.84 (sh KM)


Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has been one of the rarest and most prized in the world since 1728. Balanced and delicate acidity with chocolate flavours and fruity notes. The distinctive flavour and limited quantity is why we recommend you try Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is freshly roasted to order to provide a rich taste experience and aroma.

  • Minimum order quantity from ~85g, 170g, 255g and upwards by 85grams.
  • The weight of the finished product may vary depending on the type of toast. The exact price of the product will be settled on the basis of the actual quantity available in the package.
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee reaches its destination
    ~ within one to two weeks (from order to finished product).

  • 85g = 26,40€
  • 170g = 52,80€
  • 255g = 79,20€


! Please make sure to indicate the desired roast (light/medium/dark) and the quantity in the comments when placing your order, then the invoice will be sent to your e-mail.

! For further information please contact coffeecup@coffeecup.ee

Additional information

Flavor profile

More citrusy, Softer, Stronger

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