Conditions of sale



Conditions of sale


  • The Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to the purchase of goods and services from the online store between the buyer (hereinafter referred to as the Consumer) and Coffeecup OÜ (hereinafter referred to as
  • In addition to these terms and conditions, legal relations arising from the purchase of products from the online store are governed by the Law of Obligations Act (hereinafter LOA), the Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter CCPA) and other legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.
  • reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of sale. These changes will be reflected on the website.


1. Entry into force of the sales contract:

1.1 By the contract of sale of the Goods, undertakes to transfer to the Consumer the Goods existing, to be manufactured or to be acquired by in the future, and to enable the transfer of ownership to the Consumer, while the Consumer undertakes to pay the amount indicated on the invoice for the Goods and to accept the Goods.

1.2 Orders for which payment has not been received will be cancelled 24 hours after the order has been placed.

1.3 The Sales Contract shall enter into force upon receipt of the payment made by the Consumer to the bank account of

1.4 Any disputes between the Buyer and CoffeeCup OÜ regarding orders and purchases shall be settled by negotiation. If no agreement can be reached, the parties can turn to the Consumer Protection Office or Tallinn City Court to defend their rights. In resolving any disagreement, the parties shall comply with the laws in force in the Republic of Estonia.


2. Ordering

2.1 Select the product you want to buy from the online shop. All the products you select will be automatically added to your shopping cart.

2.2 When you open a shopping cart, you have the option to adjust the quantity of products and also to delete products from the cart.

2.3 Once you have entered all the products in your shopping cart, press SUBMIT ORDER.

2.4 All fields marked with * (asterisk) must be completed in the Order.


3. Prices and payment

3.1 All our( e-shop) prices are in Euro and include VAT.

3.2 Once you have added the goods to your shopping cart, you will be able to choose the appropriate payment method.

3.3 List of payment methods and currency:

1) Estonian internet banks: SWEDBANK, SEB, LHV, LUMINOR, COOP, PocoPay;

2) By transfer on the basis of an invoice sent by email;

3) Our e-shop currency is the euro ( € );

4) you must choose one of the appropriate parcel or courier services to collect the goods. We offer SmartPost and Omniva parcel machines and CoffeeCup courier service.


You can also use promotional coupons on our site! Discount vouchers are valid for all products. They can be added to the box in the shopping cart (promotional coupons). The discount percentage of the vouchers depends on the campaign (we issue vouchers from 5-50%). We also issue free delivery coupons. For more information about the vouchers, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages!

CoffeeCup OÜ is the controller of personal data, CoffeeCup OÜ forwards the personal data necessary for the execution of payments to the processor Maksekeskus AS.


4. Delivery time and transport

4.1 Goods will be posted within two working days of receipt of the transfer (during promotions, your order will be posted within 1-4 working days). Products are immediately available in stock. For standard orders, the maximum delivery time is 3 working days. Our delivery partners are SmartPost and Omniva, as well as the CoffeeCup courier service. SmartPost (3.- €), Omniva (3.- €) and CoffeeCup courier service is 6.- € (if the order price is more than 50€ (+km) the courier service is free of charge within Harjumaa, if the order price is more than 80€ (+km) the courier service is free of charge within Estonia).

4.2 Other shipping methods are subject to the terms and conditions and price list of the company providing the service.

4.5 Products are not shipped outside the Republic of Estonia in case of a standard order. (If you wish to send outside Estonia, please send us a separate e-mail.


5. Cancellation of the order and return of the product

5.1. You have the right to cancel your order after paying for the products, but before the delivery of the products, by sending an e-mail to CoffeeCup OÜ e-shop with the order number and your bank account number or by calling CoffeeCup OÜ contact phone +372 6835388.

5.2. You have 14 days from the date of receipt to familiarise yourself with the products. If for any reason the goods you have purchased are not suitable for you, you have the option to return the product or exchange it for another product within 14 days by sending a cancellation notice with the order number to the CoffeeCup OÜ e-shop e-mail address, or by calling the CoffeeCup OÜ contact phone number +372 6835388.

5.3 In the case provided for in clause 5.2, the amount paid for the purchase will be refunded to your account within 14 days of the date of our receipt of the notice of withdrawal, provided that you have returned the goods within the same period.

5.4. The product to be returned must be complete (include all the items in the product package, etc.).

5.5. If the returned product (and the product packaging) has deteriorated and the deterioration is caused by circumstances beyond the control of CoffeeCup OÜ; and as a result of improper use of the product, CoffeeCup OÜ has the right to offset the loss in value of the product against the amount you paid for the product and which is due to be returned to you. For settlement, CoffeeCup OÜ will send you a settlement statement to the e-mail address you provided when placing your order. If you disagree with the depreciation indicated in the settlement notice, you have the right to have an independent expert determine the depreciation. The costs of the expert opinion will be shared equally between you and CoffeeCup OÜ, unless one party’s position is clearly unfounded. In such a case, the costs of the expert’s report are borne by the party whose opinion was manifestly unfounded.


6. Warranty and return of non-compliant products

6.1 CoffeeCup OÜ accepts no liability:

1) Product deterioration/damage caused by you.

2) For defects resulting from irregular use of the product.

3) For normal physical wear and tear of the product under normal use.

6.2. In the event of non-compliance or defect of the product, you have the right to request the replacement of the product with a compliant and faultless product or to cancel the order and return the non-compliant product at CoffeeCup OÜ’s expense.

6.3. In the event of a non-compliant product being returned, the amount paid for the product (including the transport costs) will be credited to the bank account indicated by you no later than 14 days from the date of receipt of the notice of cancellation and the request to return the product.


7. Liability and force majeure

7.1. CoffeeCup OÜ shall be liable to you and you shall be liable to CoffeeCup OÜ for any damage caused to the other party by a breach of these Terms and Conditions in the cases and to the extent provided by the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.

7.2. CoffeeCup OÜ shall not be liable for any damage caused to you or any delay in delivery of the product if the damage or delay in delivery of the product is due to a circumstance beyond CoffeeCup OÜ’s control and which CoffeeCup OÜ did not foresee and could not have foreseen (force majeure).


8. Privacy

8.1 Purchasing from our e-shop is secure, your personal data will be processed in accordance with applicable laws and will not be disclosed to third parties, and will only be used for the purpose of fulfilling your order and resolving any issues related to your order.

8.2 All personal data of the customer disclosed to CoffeeCup OÜ in the course of visiting the e-shop and making purchases shall be treated as confidential information. An encrypted data channel (SSL) with banks ensures the security of the shopper’s personal data and bank transactions. CoffeeCup OÜ does not have access to them.

8.3 When registering on the Website, using the contact forms and/or making purchases in the e-shop, the following personal data may be collected from you for the provision of the respective service:

  • Your selected username
  • Your chosen password
  • First name
  • Surname
  • E-mail address
  • Company name
  • Billing address
  • Delivery address

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We do not have access to or control over the cookies that are placed on our site by third parties – the use of these cookies is governed by the privacy policy of the cookie setters. To do this, we recommend that you read the privacy policies of all third parties separately.

On the website we use the following cookies containing user data:

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