JURA Milk System Cleaning Granules refill 180g

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For tasty, high-quality milky drinks, we need a clean and bacteria-free milk system. All you need are JURA cleaning granules and a single push of a button.

JURA espresso machines with One-Touch function have a built-in automatic milk frother cleaning programme. Instructions on how to start the cleaning programme are given in the user manual.

On other machines, a solution must be made to clean the frother:

  • Run the solution through the milk frother (in the same way as the milk);
  • then repeat the same process with clean water.

Preparation of the solution: 1 dose, add 250ml of warm water. (except for Jura E8 2020 and Z-series models, the appropriate amount of water is added in the wash programme).

Number of cleaning cycles: 60 cleaning cycles


JURA has long been known for its environmental awareness and responsible use of resources and energy. This is why the JURA milk system cleaner does not contain phosphates. The optimal formulation ensures TÜV-certified hygiene of the milk system and is environmentally friendly at the same time.

Effective but gentle

JURA’s fine foam technology allows you to enjoy great quality latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso macchiato, flat white and other milky coffee drinks. To make sure everything stays that way, we’ve developed a milk system cleaner. The automatic cleaning programme, combined with the JURA Dairy System Cleaner, effectively cleans the machine of milk fat and protein. The pure tubes ensure a fine, feather-light milk froth.

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