CC Selection Papua New Guinea Sigri 500gr

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Velvety flavour “body”, berry flavours with hints of honey and chocolate. The aftertaste is soft and clear.

Cigar Plantation is located in the Waghi Gorge in the southernmost hills of the island and was established in 1950. Since then, the coffee has created a sensation and is known as a gourmet coffee and its taste speaks for itself.

Arabica coffee bush is originally from the Blue Mountain seeds of Jamaica.Istandus connects many small farms.

Production process : wet washing

Arabic type: typica

The CoffeeCup Selection series consists of a selection of coffees from the countries of origin of the major coffee roasters, which we believe have the best flavours and best characterise the coffees of a given roaster! We guarantee these coffees a stable taste, fresh roast and continuous availability.

Our choice is your choice…!

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Weight 0.5 kg
Country of origin

Papua New Guinea

Flavor profile

More citrusy, Softer

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