CC Selection Ethiopia Guji Organic/BIO, 1KG

28.18 (sh KM)


Freshly roasted mild coffee beans!

100% organic/BIO

Tropical fruity, sweet and strong floral aroma. You enjoy it when the smell of vanilla, cherry or cocoa gives you chills.

Country of origin: Ethiopia
Region: Guji
Farm: Tesfaye Bekele
Altitude: 1950 M
Arabica variety: Heirloom
Harvesting season: November – December
Processing: Washed
Roast: Medium

The CoffeeCup Selection series consists of a selection of coffees from the countries of origin of the major coffee roasters, which we believe have the best flavours and best characterise the coffees of a given roaster! We guarantee these coffees a stable taste, fresh roast and continuous availability.

Our choice is your choice…!

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Weight 1 kg
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More citrusy, Softer

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