CC Selection Brazilian Cerrado Bandeirante Rainforest 1kg

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Fantastic coffee with exceptional sweetness and a very clean flavour, where the darker roast brings out the caramel tones and low acidity.

This coffee is grown in the Carrado region, in the province of Minas Gerais.The subtropical climate in this special location gives the coffee an exceptionally unique flavour. Istandus is located at an altitude of around 1200m above sea level.

Arabic sort: Mundo Nuovo/Burbon

Production process: sun-dried

Sun-dried arabica is prized for its sweetness, clean and full-bodied flavour and low acidity.

The CoffeeCup Selection series consists of a selection of coffees from the countries of origin of the major coffee roasters, which we believe have the best flavours and best characterise the coffees of a given roaster! We guarantee these coffees a stable taste, fresh roast and continuous availability.

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