Ronnefeldt Leaf-Cup English Breakfast 15pcs black tea

6.60 (sh KM)


English Breakfast, or simply breakfast tea, is a traditional blend of black teas from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya. It is one of the most popular tea blends in British and Irish tea culture.

English Breakfast is usually described as a full-bodied, strong, rich tea that is well-balanced with milk and sugar and traditionally associated with the English breakfast.

The delicate Ceylon tea has a recognisable brightness and an invigorating aroma and flavour.

Ronnefeldt offers carefully crafted chewable teas in portions designed to make a single cup of tea. The tea is packaged in a large, eco-friendly natural fibre packet that unfolds to its full size when boiling water is poured over it, releasing the true aroma and flavour of the tea.

Ingredients: black tea.
15 pieces per pack

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