Ronnefeldt Leaf-Cup Refreshing mint 15tk herbal tea

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Herbal teas, such as refreshing mint tea, are a little different from regular tea.
Peppermint tea is one of the most popular herbal teas due to its potential health benefits. Not to mention how good the tea tastes!

In Europe and Asia, tea has been consumed for thousands of years for its pleasant, minty taste and health benefits.
A herbal tea for drinking in any situation, it is bursting with the freshness of natural menthol.

Ronnefeldt offers carefully crafted chewable teas in portions designed to make a single cup of tea. The tea is packaged in a large, eco-friendly natural fibre packet that unfolds to its full size when boiling water is poured over it, releasing the true aroma and flavour of the tea.

Cooling, refreshing herbal tea with lemongrass and mint.

Ingredients: mint leaves, lemongrass.
15 pieces per pack

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