Ronnefeldt Leaf-Cup Jasmine gold 15pcs green tea blend

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Jasmine tea is a tea scented with the aroma of jasmine blossom.
Jasmiine is grown in the high mountains. Produced in China’s Fuijan province, jasmine tea has the best reputation.
Green tea is commonly used as a base for jasmine tea, but there are also white and black teas. The result is a delicately sweet and very aromatic tea. It is China’s most famous aromatic tea.

Ronnefeldt offers carefully crafted chewable teas in portions designed to make a single cup of tea. The tea is packaged in a large, eco-friendly natural fibre packet that unfolds to its full size when boiling water is poured over it, releasing the true aroma and flavour of the tea.

The delicate fragrance and flavour of freshly plucked jasmine petals with delicate Chinese green tea.

Ingredients: green tea.
15 pieces per pack

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