Ronnefeldt Leaf-Cup Fruity (Sweet) camomille 15pcs herbal tea

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A relaxing and soothing herbal tea with the bitter aroma of chamomile.
Kumel, also called Phal in Hindi Babune, is well known for its medicinal properties and with good reason. The tea is made from dried flowers and acts as a haven of peace.
Chamomile grows in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America and flowers in the early summer months.

The delicate fruity flavour of orange blossom and the bitter taste of chamomile.

Ronnefeldt offers carefully crafted chewable teas in portions designed to make a single cup of tea. The tea is packaged in a large, eco-friendly natural fibre packet that unfolds to its full size when boiling water is poured over it, releasing the true aroma and flavour of the tea.

Ingredients: chamomile flowers, orange peel.
15 pieces per pack

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