Claris Pro Smart+

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Coffee contains 98% water. That’s why quality water is the basis for the best coffee experience. The JURA CLARIS Pro Smart+ brings innovation to water filtration. Water filter technology ensures better hygiene of the coffee machine, starting with the water tank. When you choose CLARIS Pro Smart+, you increase the protection and product safety of your coffee machine, and extend the life of your machine so you can enjoy the perfect coffee every time.

  • GIGA X3G2 (EA)
  • GIGA X8G2 (EA)
  • WE6
  • WE8 (2016)
  • WE8 (2019ff)
  • X10
  • X6
  • X6 (EA)
  • X8 (EA)

CLARIS ensures the perfect quality of water for perfect coffee drinks. The lifetime of the filter cartridge depends on the hardness of the water.

  • 1-5°dH: up to 300 l
  • 6-10°dH: up to 240 l
  • 11-15°dH: up to 180 l
  • 16-20°dH: up to 120 l
  • 21-25°dH: up to 95 l
  • 26-30°dH: up to 80 l
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