CLARIS Pro Smart Maxi

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When used correctly, CLARIS can eliminate the need for descaling altogether. This makes the machine easier to use and saves you valuable time. With descaling-free pipes, heating elements and pump, the lifetime of your automatic espresso machine will be significantly extended and the machine will hold its value better. *

Only CLARIS original filters are exactly compatible with JURA automatic espresso machines in terms of design and capacity. When buying filters, look for the JURA quality label and you won’t be disappointed.

* CLARIS Pro Smart maxi is designed for the following espresso machines with smart water system (I.W.S.®):

  • GIGA X8
  • GIGA X3
  • X10
  • X8
  • X6

The lifetime of the filter cartridge depends on the hardness of the water.

  • 1-5°dH: up to 750 l
  • 6-10°dH: up to 600 l
  • 11-15°dH: up to 450 l
  • 16-20°dH: up to 300 l
  • 21-25°dH: up to 240 l
  • 26-30°dH: up to 200 l
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