CoffeeCup Peru Negrisa decaffeinated coffee beans, organic 500gr

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CoffeeCup Peru Negrisa decaffeinated coffee

Fruity, nutty notes emerge on the palate. We have roasted the coffee so that the acidity is low and the flavour is smooth.

Decaffeination using the CO2 method, the cleanest, highest quality and most environmentally friendly way to remove caffeine from coffee.

Pärlitolumaa: Peru
Region: Chanchamayo, Villa Rica, Pichanaki, Satipo
Type: typica
Arabic: 100%
Processing: Hand-harvested, washed, sun-dried.

Negrisa Coffee Farm is a family business dedicated to coffee processing. Quality control and exports. They have more than 15 years of experience in bringing the taste and quality of Peruvian coffee to markets around the world.

Family business, dedication and passion for hard work and the desire to grow are some of the principles that guide the day-to-day operations of this family business.

Every pack of Negrisa coffee supports this family coffee farm!

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